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Dafydd about this Event
Dietrich about this Event

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Welcome to the seminar »Personal Power Set Free!«

Recording of a 3 1/2 days event held by Rannette und Dafydd Nicholas, September 10 - 13 2009 in Berlin.

A powerful seminar for you to retrieve your personal power.
The recording contains of 21 sessions with over 20 hours of recorded Material.

See here a list of the Seminar-sessions
Included are a wokbook and a Talisman! After booking you have 60 days to watch!

Special price: only $ 98 for a short time (regular $ 258)

Bonus: You might share it with one other person in same household

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Rannette about this Seminar
Dietrich Vlog
Samples from the Seminar

Journey to New Secret Experiences
Earth wonderments are available for you.

Rannette and Dafydd are presenting inner journeys, meditations and personal exercises that will bring you far greater understanding and utilization of Your Personal powers.

These two world travelers have secrets which will bring you closer to having what you really want to have and enjoy.

Rannette has spoken with Highest Monks, Spirit Masters and
Spirit Lamas throughout the Himalayas.
Dafydd knows wonders of the Pyramids and the Mastery
of dynamic Sirius Mysteries.

They both have climbed to the very top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
Dafydd has actually spirit traveled from within the Sarcophagus
of the Kings Chamber to spaces far beyond our earthly experiences.

The personal presence of these two wonderful individuals
will bring experiences and spaces
that will give you memories of these wondrous qualities within yourself.

Give yourself the taste of power from your most complete
and personal relationship within you.

You will empower your life with values closer to your joy and happiness.


What is this seminar about?

It is about power. Your power.

You giving yourself the permission and authority to create and to allow the life
of your dreams and visions.

Power comes out of your ability and out of your willingness to act, to create, and to manifest. True Power, with honesty and consciously developing character,
is a challenge.

As we learn to heal and forgive and change in new ways, we accelerate and increase our ability to understand and to feel compassion.

In this three days and one evening power filled experience,
you will grow the internal skills and tools with techniques to deal and cope more with what is happening around you - in your health, your passions and priorities, in and for your family, your job and / or business, your finances, in your daily life - so you live with greater ease, grace, and panache.

Rannette und Dafydd Nicholas

The recording contains the 3 1/2 Day seminar.
Included is a 50-page Workbook and a Talisman, which was created by Rannette for this event.

See here an overview of the sessions

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