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Welcome to the seminar »Personal Power Set Free!«
Recording of a 3 1/2 days event held by Rannette und Dafydd Nicholas, September 10 - 13 2009 in Berlin.

Included are a wokbook and a Talisman! After booking you have 60 days to watch!
$ 298 • Introductory fee $198

Samples from the Seminar
Dietrich Vlog
Dietrich about this Event

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It is about power. Your power.

You giving yourself the permission and authority to create and to allow the life of your dreams and visions.
Power comes out of your ability and out of your willingness to act, to create, and to manifest. True Power, with honesty and consciously developing character, is a challenge.

As we learn to heal and forgive and change in new ways, we accelerate and increase our ability to understand and to feel compassion.
In this three days and one evening power filled experience, you will grow the internal skills and tools with techniques to deal and cope more with what is happening around you - in your health, your passions and priorities, in and for your family,
your job and / or business, your finances, in your daily life - so you live with greater ease, grace, and panache.

During these seminar days, we will be working to hone, sharpen, and expand our Greatest of Gifts - the gift of Choice.
We will do this through our Greatest Joy -- which is to Heal, and through working with our Greatest Freedom - which is the freedom of Responsibility.

The more we can respond, instead of react, we become more free.
And when we rise with character, and be the Greatest Act, do the Greatest Act, and Have the Greatest of all Actions -- to Love, we are IN our Power and more becomes probable in our lives - in ALL areas of our life, than ever before .

Rannette und Dafydd Nicholas

The recording contains the 3 1/2 Day seminar.
Inclufed is a 50-page Workbook and a Talisman, which was created by Rannettefor this event.

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