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Personal Power Set Free • Befreie Deine persönliche Kraft!

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RannetteWelcome to the Seminar PPV »Personal Power Set Free«

Each year it becomes more important, even pivotal, to heal, grow, change, and evolve our Personal Power, so we are more and more empowered. So we more and more utilize and are responsive with our power. All of us. Humanity. And for you, the reader of this Blog - already on a growth path, maybe an intensive growth path, it is even more valuable and essential.

Power. Your power. You giving yourself the permission and authority to create and to allow the life of your dreams and visions. Power comes out of your ability and out of your willingness to act, to create, and to manifest. True Power, with honesty and consciously developing character, is a challenge, even a crisis, of this age we are living in. You are to be congratulated.

You are wrestling with these issues. Now let’s make it easier for you. Yes, we are living in turbulent times of accelerating change and crisis. We may want to shut it out, withdraw even - but this is giving up our power for the illusion, for the consensus reality in which we live. Instead we must take our power back, and let it’s light shine around us and in us, attracting more magical and wondrous realities to ourselves and our endeavors. This will be one of many results from this seminar.

For we are living in unique times of grand change, with the evolution of human consciousness paramount, the evolution of YOUR consciousness a priority. This means that so much of the way you have viewed life is being changed ! And it IS messy. It is full of crisis and chaos and lots of uncertainty. It has fear, terror and rage in the mix and many will try to exploit these for their profit and cheap shots of power.

If we hesitate, if we do not understand and learn to come to peace with the fuller context of the times we are living in, we can get caught up in the uncertainty and pain around us. This seminar will give you new and necessary tools and techniques for much better realities to happen for you. The meditations will be magical, mystical, and intricate, providing healing with your Guides and Unseen Friends.

We are living in a Global Economic Crisis that can only grow. We look around us and major private and public institutions are in trouble and many are failing. Local, state and national governments in the US and other places around the world are in financial crisis and bankruptcy. Businesses that were thought to be so large and established they would always be, are disappearing over night. Corruption and greed, especially avarice, are being revealed. Foolishness is everywhere, as well as well meaning, but inaccurate advice.

Many things are happening that have not happened before and this will also expand and accelerate in the coming months and years. As we learn to heal and forgive and change in new ways, we accelerate and increase our ability to understand and to feel compassion. In this three days and one evening power filled experience, you will grow the internal skills and tools with techniques to deal and cope more with what is happening around you - in your health, your passions and priorities, in and for your family, your job and / or business, your finances, in your daily life - so you live with greater ease, grace, and panache - without guilt!

The Consciously Lived Spiritual Path is what makes this more and more possible, and for a few, probable. And there are no guarantees along the way. For we are loved and respected BEYOND our understanding - and everything in our lives comes out of our own personal and powerful CHOICES. Yes, we live in a Universe of Free Will - and everything is based upon our personal choices. Our consensus says no. Some have the power, and some don’t ... some even are victims.

But this is a philosophy that has kept the masses mostly quiet and in line. But humanity was prepared and has changed and evolved - so the internet has come to our aid! One by one, person after person is waking up and seeing they have options. The internet is a grand program of possibilities and shows each of us that we can go for our freedom, our fun, our happiness, and our love. We can find the spiritual and metaphysical resources to set ourselves free! (Likely you are reading this brochure on the internet) ! :-)

During these seminar days, we will be working to hone, sharpen, and expand our Greatest of Gifts - the gift of Choice. We will do this through our Greatest Joy -- which is to Heal, and through working with our Greatest Freedom - which is the freedom of Responsibility. The more we can respond, instead of react, we become more free. And when we rise with character, and be the Greatest Act, do the Greatest Act, and Have the Greatest of all Actions -- to Love, we are IN our Power and more becomes probable in our lives - in ALL areas of our life, than ever before.

And while we are living in serious and challenging times, we will be having a lot of fun this 3 day weekend -- and having many laughs and enjoyment -- for learning is about opening to the Light, through the Light !

We ARE living in incredible times ! Come ! Empower yourself in new and exciting ways!

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