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The Monk of Amazonia
Motion Picture • Drama
Dietrich von Oppeln (49) 06761-9678680

A Brazilian Ecologist and UN-Ambassador tries to save an Indian tribe (Cajapo) in the Amazon Rainforest. To do that without using force, he seeks help in a Tibetan cloister learning non-violent means of combat. Back home, he fails dramatically. His Son “The Monk of Amazonia” is able to continue his father’s work as a young Lama Monk. He travels to the Rainforest and wins the battle against the military troops, who are determined to expel the Indians by armed force.

The former Brazilian Samba Queen ALDA PRINCIPE meets a German businessman in Rio de Janeiro. She tells him an adventurous love story. The story begins years ago when she met the young Ecologist and forest officer SERGIO PARINHA who fell deeply in love with her. Very soon he proposed to her.

It does not take long before Alda encounters the other side of her husband, who is half indian and stems from the tribe of the Cajapos in the Amazon Rainforest. He has a violent temper and is known for his extreme behavior, which increases when he watches the growing assaults against his land and his family by greedy International Companies. Passionately and violently he throws himself into his mission, especially when he is appointed to be UN-Ambassador for environmental matters.

Finally, he is invited to the 1972 Earth Summit in Stockholm to stand up for and defend the integrity of the Amazon Region. The indifference and superficiality he encounters thrusts him into deep despair.

He drowns his emotions in several pubs and eventually is involved in a brawl and BECOMES wounded badly. A young couple picks him up, takes him to a five star hotel and care for his bruises. The next day his hosts are gone before he wakes up leaving him a huge sum of money AND ask him to travel to Tibet to visit a remote cloister. There he could get the help he needs to fulfill his mission.

After he arrives in Lhasa, Sergio hires a native driver, who brings him near the cloister. When he climbs up the deep dirt road to the monastery, he gets caught in a terrible thunderstorm. He almost drowns in the crashing floods. Finally, he is saved by a young Tibetan woman with the name CHI who drags him into her house. She recognizes the man who was prophecied to her many years ago. During the same night, they passionately make love. Alda seems to be forgotten.

In the cloister, he is received like a long-awaited friend. The abbot Chun Teh teaches Sergio the Buddhist doctrine of non-violence. After the lessons are complete, Sergio returns to Brazil receiving a call for help from his indian people.

During his travel to the Cajapo tribe, he meets a couple of tree fellers who intrude into the holy places by felling sacred trees. One of the woodcutters even brags about raping and killing indian women. Sergio forgets the advice of the abbot and shoots the man. He is beaten to death by the friends of their comrade.

Months later Chi, the Tibetan woman, brings her baby to the cloister. Chun Teh, the abbot, receives the little boy lovingly and trains him to become a Lama Monk. His name is AKUNAH, meaning “hope.”

After his ordination, Akunah is sent to Brazil to fulfill his father's mission. In Rio de Janeiro, he meets Sergio's former wife Alda, who helps him to solve the riddles of his origin. She supports him to find the family tribe of his father which is in great danger. When he arrives at the Cajapo land, he reminds the Cajapo Shamans of their magic powers and encourages them to revive them. When the village is invaded by military troops, the situation culminates in the last battle between the magic weapons of the spirit and the poor weapons of violence.

And there is also the Samba.

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